Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the differences between ICAROS Home, ICAROS Cloud, and ICAROS Cloud 360?

Certified exclusively for private use and designed for individual training
Focus on gamification through VR experiences
Contains a "support" function for beginners (stabilization of the pelvic area possible by laying on it)
Will be delivered in 2 packages, the assembly is done by self-assembly
Weight 60 kg

Focus on balance and fitness through the ICAROS app as a digital interface. However, VR experiences are still possible
All contents of the ICAROS app can be executed without restriction on the ICAROS cloud
No assembly, only inflation with the supplied pump
Weight 12 kg

ICAROS Cloud 360:
Smaller volume than ICAROS Cloud, therefore more manageable, more compact and also suitable for smaller (indoor) areas
In principle, all contents of the ICAROS app can be carried out with the ICAROS Cloud 360, but some in a restricted form (e.g. due to the size, the plank position cannot be fully taken on the ICAROS Cloud 360).
No assembly, only inflation with the supplied pump
Weight 8 kg

What training effects do ICAROS devices offer?
The exercises specially developed for ICAROS devices basically strengthen the entire muscular system, coordination skills and balance.

In particular, the following applies.

Particularly intensive training of the trunk and shoulder muscles, balance and coordination skills.

Designed for intensive full-body training with a focus on core, shoulder, leg and gluteal muscles, HIIT workouts, as well as training of balance and coordination skills.

ICAROS Cloud 360
Designed for intensive full-body training with a focus on core, shoulder, leg and gluteus muscles, HIIT workouts, as well as training of balance and coordination skills. Due to the size, however, some exercises cannot be carried out in full compared to the ICAROS Cloud.
Various studies carried out by recognized sports universities prove the effectiveness of ICAROS training in the areas of strength, coordination and balance.

Where can I test the ICAROS devices?
You can test the devices at ICAROS in Munich
We would be happy to arrange an individual appointment with you. Please contact
Which virtual reality systems are the ICAROS devices compatible with?
The ICAROS Home devices are compatible with the following VR systems:
Pico VR
Oculus Quest with Link Cable
HTC Vive
Oculus Rift

Do you also send the ICAROS HOME to countries outside of Germany?
Within the EU, you can complete the purchase and payment directly on
If you want a delivery outside the EU, write us the exact delivery address at so that we can make an offer for you.
How long does the delivery take?
The delivery time to Germany is 1-3 weeks.

How much space do I need to install the ICAROS Home System?
For optimal and unrestricted use of all ICAROS devices, we recommend a space of 1.50 mx 2.50 m (4.9 ft x 8.2 ft).

Does the ICAROS Home have to be assembled by yourself?
The ICAROS Home is delivered in 2 packages. Assembly instructions are included in the package. The assembly time is approx. 1 hour (two people).
Can I dismantle the ICAROS Home?
Should you ever have to dismantle the ICAROS Home, we recommend that you simply loosen the 3 screws on the universal joint. So you have two parts that you can easily stow away and reassemble as quickly as possible.

What is the permissible min./max. Size of the user?
The recommended height is 140cm - 200cm (4.6ft, 6.56ft).

What is the minimum age?
14 years

What is the maximum permissible weight of the user?
The ICAROS Home devices are TÜV certified up to a weight of 110kg (243 lbs).
The recommended maximum weight for the ICAROS Cloud is 150 kg, for the ICAROS Cloud 360 125 kg.

What software is included in the set?
The ICAROS FLIGHT software is supplied with every ICAROS Home. Additional experiences such as AIM, ICARACE, DEEP, CORE, ICALETHICS or GRAVITY can also be purchased.
Which experiences are compatible with which digital interface?
Please refer to the following overview:
VR systems: Icarace, Flight, Aim, Deep, Core, Gravity & Engadin
Mobile Devices: ICAROS App

Is there a multiplayer mode?
ICAROS FLIGHT, ICAROS AIM and ICAROS DEEP can be used with two devices for up to two players (offline mode). ICARACE even for up to 8 players (online mode).

Are there instructions for use that explain how to use it?
Instructions for use are supplied with each device.
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