Digital Premium Fitness for your home

Find your balance, increase your endurance, build your strength!

With digital and workouts from ICAROS. ICAROS combines digital fitness with unprecedented training experiences and thus provides you with unique and effective workouts in your home!

The ICAROS Cloud is the ultimate solution for a versatile, full-body workout for the entire family. Whether you're looking for a quick break during your home office or a full session during your free time, the ICAROS Cloud is available at your convenience. Enjoy virtual coaching, challenging exergames, and customizable workout options suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Enhance your home fitness experience with the ICAROS Cloud, get it now! 148 different exercises The micro-gym for your home Various Exergames - Skiing, Surfing, Snowboarding and many moreOver 70 workouts available on-demand at any time- from Yoga to HIITTraining for the whole family Used by professional athletes and therapists Motivating workouts for a strong body and a healthy back Improve your coordination, balance and stability Digital tracking of your training progress Competition with the worldwide ICAROS community Individual and community challenges The ICAROS Cloud is a digital training device that can be used in combination with your tablet or smartphone, allowing you to train both indoors and outdoors with ease. With a wide variety of workouts, the Cloud enables you to effectively train your entire body, making it the perfect companion for your daily fitness routine. Its unique design allows for dynamic and unstable exercises for an efficient and versatile full-body workout. Not only will you improve your balance, but also your coordinative and reactive skills. Professional athletes, including World and Olympic champions, rely on the ICAROS Cloud systems, as well as professional sports and rehabilitation centers. Upgrade your workout with the ICAROS Cloud today! Out now: With the ICAROS EXPLORE App for iOS and Android, you can discover the entire World based on Google Earth! Download now and enjoy a three days free trial. "Just twenty minutes of exercise resulted in sore muscles." - "ICAROS Cloud is the exercise of the future" - VogueGet the official ICAROS app now for free and get fit with effective and entertaining training sessions on your ICAROS cloud! Opt for the ICAROS App Pro and benefit from full access to a large number of professional ICAROS trainings, entertaining exergames and an extensive exercise library. The ICAROS App Pro is available in a monthly cancelable subscription (€16.99 including VAT per month). Additionally, you have the option to choose an annual subscription or a Lifetime Subscription. The first three months of ICAROS App Pro access are completely free! To make sure that your device is compatible with the ICAROS app, you can download and test the app for Anroid or iOS free of charge from the links below:
Experience exciting and effective training with ICAROS, combining fitness and virtual reality. ICAROS Home brings virtual worlds to your home, allowing you to fly and dive through them, train with a virtual coach, and chase your high scores in various exergames. The VR training experience for Your home Effective training for coordination, balance and a healthy back VR eSports competition with ICAROS pilots around the world Small footprint, lightweight design, low maintenance Compatible with VR headsets, screens and tablets Numerous gaming and training experiences availablVR games FLIGHT, DEEP, AIM, and DRAGON GAME are alredy included in thr purchase pric The variable planking position on the ICAROS Home allows you to perform a dynamic exercise for an efficient and versatile full-body workout. Improve your balance, coordination, and reflex skills while immersing yourself in thrilling VR experiences. Join ICAROS pilots from around the world for exciting competitions.Out now: With the ICAROS EXPLORE App for iOS and Android, you can discover the entire World based on Google Earth technology! Download now and enjoy a three days free trial."Goodbye dusty rowing machine, hello virtual-reality workout."- The Telegraph"Need a spot to exercise but can't face the gym? Love gaming but not the couch? ICAROS could be the answer."- The Guardian"It's such fun I'm sorry to stop." - Daily Mail ICAROS Multiplayer - the ultimate challengeThe online multiplayer platform allows you to compete live with other ICAROS pilots worldwide. Create your personal profile, track your progress, and secure your place in the leaderboard. Registration and participation are absolutely free.  
€2,691.00* €2,990.00* (10% saved)

PICO 4 Enterprise
If you're planning to use your ICAROS device for commercial purposes and are in search of the highest quality and most robust VR system, then the PICO 4 Enterprise (256 GB) is the perfect solution for you.  The PICO 4 Enterprise offers maximum comfort, easy cleaning options, special business features, and eye-tracking, making it the ideal VR solution for commercial providers. Moreover, the PICO 4 Enterprise doesn't require a PICO account and allows you to load VR software via sideload. With the PICO 4 Enterprise, you can also enjoy our games AIM, FLIGHT, DEEP, and DRAGON GAME in top-notch quality. Additionally, the PICO 4 Enterprise enables a wired connection to a powerful PC. With this upgrade, you can not only use our online multiplayer platform, ICARACE, but also explore photorealistic landscapes in the VR world (Link Cable required).Download User Manual

Fitness X Gaming

Looking for an effective and versatile digital home workout?

ICAROS offers a unique combination of digital fitness and training options, providing full-body workouts with exergames, professional courses, and a motivating community.

The ICAROS Cloud system is perfect for the whole family, and the ICAROS Home and VR eSports platform, ICARACE, connects pilots worldwide for a unique competition. ICAROS devices are also used in leading therapy facilities for orthopedic and neurological treatment, using gamification to improve physical movement, reflexes, coordination, and muscle strength. Our Science Board and partnerships with sports universities ensure an evidence-based approach to create the most effective and exciting fitness experiences.

Get the ICAROS experience for your home now!

Get in shape with effective and playful workouts on your ICAROS device!

The ICAROS App offers a broad range of entertaining and highly effective exercises and games to build smart muscles, improve balance and endurance. Whether it's high-intensity interval training, yoga-inspired workouts, or competitive exergames - choose from a library of entertaining, constantly updated workouts and exergames.

The ICAROS App is optimized for usage with the ICAROS Cloud and is also compatible with ICAROS Home and Pro devices.

ICARACE Fitness meets eSports

ICARACE is a global, competitive multi-player race simulation where players fly on ICAROS Pro or Home devices. The competition demands control and strength, pushing users to improve their skill level and fitness. Available today, free to play and upgradable through in-game purchases, ICARACE is accesible for competitors from all over the world.

In 2018, ICAROS launched the global ICARACE series (G.I.S), to host tournaments both online and in the real world. World championships have been conducted in Germany in 2018, 2019, and 2020 with large success. The 2021 edition will be held on the 12th of November. Pilots can qualify by achieving a top 10 ranking in one of the available racetracks.

N.E.X.T. Neuro Experience Training

N.E.X.T stands for "Neuro-Experience-Training". In the project N.E.X.T., ICAROS develops a self-learning whole-body neuro-rehabilitation system, consisting of AI software in the form of an ExerGame, supporting sensors, and a balance system for safe use of patients with restricted mobility in conjunction with virtual reality. The system is self-learning and can simultaneously adjust the nature of the tasks of the ExerGame via feedback from the patient's performance so that the patient can achieve individual successes. In this way, the ExerGame develops into an individualized neuro rehab training program that reacts precisely to the abilities and limitations of a patient.

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